Methods and Techniques

At Salvador we employ a special assessment procedure meant to chart exactly the treatment you need! This means that you will not be administered a gentle treatment when you or your muscles are asking for high-intensity bodywork. But it also means that you will not be given a sports massage when you had a gentle, pampering treatment in mind! You will get the bodywork you expected and who knows, maybe even better!

Your first appointment will start off with a warm welcome of course!
Then the assessment procedure will begin. This is a 15 minute interview concerning your general, injury oriented and your medical background, after which we will be able to distill your exact wishes and expectations about your treatment. Primarily we will decide whether general relaxation or specific therapy will be the chosen strategy and thus your massage status file will be established.

And then: the massage of course, which you will receive in the warm, cosy studio with enough easy atmosphere to give you the opportunity to quiet your mind, to attend to your intuition and to catalyse your body's ability to heal itself. After the massage, please take a few minutes to ease out of the treatment, at Salvador no one is rushing you off the table!

To guarantee responsible, state-of-the-art bodywork I actively participate in continuing education in the form of workshops, seminars, research articles and intensive courses. Massage therapy is an exciting, ever-developing field, and as a professional massage therapist I'm always studying new techniques and methods of healing.

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Range of Techniques   [Click the items for more information]

• Sports massage

System of techniques designed to inspect, assess and bring the athlete to rest after the achievement or to prepare him/her for performance. Sports massage offers good techniques for treating muscle ache after an intense workout at e.g. the gym but trains the massage therapist in safe functional and structural testing as well, in technical terms this is called differential diagnostics.


• Deep Tissue Massage

This is the slow, deep form of bodywork which is mostly chosen in cases of local anatomical asymmetry that results in muscle stiffness or even pain, sometimes chronic pain. Deep Tissue massage is a way to attempt to neutralise the asymmetry by stretching and relaxing the deeper layer of muscles responsible for the pain or asymmetry. Uses mostly heavy, detailed techniques.


• Thai Massage

This ancient system of stretches, exercises and compression techniques for the body was designed to stimulate the 10 energy lines that flow through our body. By compression of certain points on these energy lines, energy is released back into our system. Additional techniques concern stretches to maintain suppleness and good functioning of your joints. For this type of massage loosely fit clothing is recommended. The massage will be given on a futon on the floor and I will be using my body's own weight to carry out the array of compressions and stretches.


• Esalen

Esalen evolved in California on the Big Sur and is the home of the 'Long Stroke': a rich, languid, smooth stroke that will embrace the entire length of your body. Esalen massage will bring you sublime sedation and ease of mind, it can easily be enjoyed as a meditation but will also instruct the masseur to stay open to problematic areas on the anatomy of the client. It thus also consists of the necessary detail work.


• Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the classic of all schools of bodywork and is easily recognized by well known techniques such as long strokes, detail work done with different parts of the hands and the fact that a larger part of the physique is uncovered to facilitate the long languid techniques utilized.


• Triggerpoint

Triggerpoint Massage is een vorm van pijnbeheersing. Pijn in spieren wordt soms veroorzaakt door functionele overbelasting waardoor in een bepaalde spier op de zwakste plek een verkramping ontstaat. Deze is meestal zo klein dat je die niet meteen voelt. Het lichaam reageert er echter wel op door omliggende spieren te recruteren, die het werk moeten overnemen. In deze spieren, die het werk niet gewend zijn, kunnen dan pijnklachten ontstaan. In andere gevallen wordt de kramppijn (parasegmentaal) afgeleidt naar een andere plek via de fascia of wel het spiervlies. De kunst hier is om het "grotere plaatje" te ontwaren en de oorzaak, namelijk het verkrampte gebiedje, op te sporen. In dit gebied kan herstel gestimuleerd worden door de verkramping tegen te gaan door gebruik van langzame, diepe strijkingen.


• Chairmassage

The all revered corporate-time-is-money-massage-with-clothes-on. Just kidding. Chair Massage is evolving into a fast-growing treat for corporate workers around the world. Typically, chair massage is a quick way to regenerate the body and unblock energy that has accumulated throughout the system during long stretches of motionless computer work. Furthermore, the focus is on the upper body, namely the back, neck, shoulders and arms.


• Advice

Advice concerning injuries and complaints, sterile infections etcetera.


NB: Usually the responsibility of the elective choice lies with the masseur. So you do not need to understand the techniques and if they're appropriate or not. You tell me about your ailment and I bring together the necessary techniques for a suitable treatment.